Broken Fish: Collapse of the Coho | 2018 Short Film

From Seattle director Colby K. Neal, and Taiwanese producer Shihyun Kung, comes Broken Fish, a short "call-to-action" documentary film educating Seattleites about wild salmon habitat destruction, and how pollutants in Puget Sound impact tribal communities whose livelihoods depend on a healthy wild salmon cycle. For more, head over to the site and find out how you can get involved-

Omar Aura: On My Dig #TheAuraDoc 2017

The documentary film, "Omar Aura: On My Dig" covers the near life-long grind of Fresno, CA indie recording artist, Gary Guyton (Omar Aura) and his pursuit of success in the rap game while balancing a relationship and career he loves. Includes cameos by Nef the Pharaoh, Mr. 2-17, Otis Reed and more.

Forward Progress: Life of a Junior College Football Coach | Santa Monica College

Forward Progress is a short documentary film revealing the sacrifices made to be a junior college football coach in Santa Monica, Ca. This is the debut independent documentary for director Colby K. Neal.